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Effortlessly search & update across your CRM with Here™ for Salesforce

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We're excited to announce that Here™ for Salesforce is now on the Salesforce App Exchange, the number one enterprise cloud marketplace. Our new connector appmakes it easier to integrate & interoperate Salesforce with Here™ Enterprise Browser and other applications. Dive into the details in our press release.

You’ve probably heard of the "toggle tax" — the constant loss of time and productivity due to app-switching while working. This is true for anyone using a CRM - they are great tools but isolated from the other apps in a workflow and visually accessed via a tab in a browser which gets lost during a workday.

Here™ for Salesforce simplifies the integration between Salesforce and other apps on the desktop. It eliminates custom authentication and connectivity complexities and offers a low code, configurable alternative. Salesforce becomes easier to use, by seamlessly integrating into Enterprise Browser, which unifies disparate apps and content, making digital work frictionless. Our integration isn’t another expensive server-side integration, the app minimizes the cost and development resources needed to create seamless workflows. It's not just another bespoke, one-on-one integration; it's a versatile one-to-many connector unlocking endless workflows.

Seamlessly integrate Salesforce into your browser experience

Here™ for Salesforce enables CRM owners to create unique end-user experiences, personalized to your suite of applications. Making Salesforce information easily accessible in Here™ Enterprise Browser you can get the most out of your investment.

  • Eliminate rekey & toggling between apps: Seamlessly interoperate between Salesforce and other apps to share context.
  • Design layouts with Salesforce views: Customize layouts to view Salesforce pages side by side and alongside other apps on your browser. Save, restore, share, and update your layouts.
  • Push & pull data with Salesforce: Create time-saving workflows with Here™ deep search capabilities. Search, find, and update data across Salesforce and push quick edits into Salesforce records from the same view.
  • Easily integrate Herewith Salesforce: Simply and securely connect your Here™apps to one or more Salesforce Org via OAuth and use Salesforce’s REST APIs to build personalized workflows.

Salesforce and Here™are both powerful applications and when used together. The integration acts as a superhighway between your CRM and your desktop. Create Salesforce desktop notifications to reach users better. Build interoperable workflows that connect user experiences across Salesforce and your suite of applications.

Get Started Today

To discover how this integration with Salesforce can help streamline your workflows, contact us for a live demo and walk-through on how to get started.

Here™ for Salesforce is also available for instant deployment on the Salesforce AppExchange for existing Here™ customers.

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