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How Here™ improves legacy application migrations for financial firms

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Today’s digital environment is characterized by increased competition, rapid speed to market and dynamic tech upgrades that seem to occur constantly. Amid these pressures, organizations using legacy applications and programs in their technology stacks are facing an urgent need to migrate from obsolete systems.

Maintaining outdated workflows leads to lower productivity, a poor user experience and significant security concerns. In other words, they are no longer an option for firms looking to stay competitive and relevant in the market.

All this means that firms cannot afford to invest heavily in technology solutions that will not stand the test of time. This is especially true for global banks and other financial institutions, whose desktop environments are notoriously complex and require specific expertise to navigate. These firms rely on a wide array of cutting-edge tools to carry out day-to-day functions and achieve their business goals, necessitating a robust digital transformation strategy to remain future-ready. The economic stressors and regulatory pressures in today’s market landscape only heighten this need.

These dynamics have added up to a technology arms race. Firms that remain stagnant in the face of this industry-wide digital transformation will inevitably fall behind, sacrificing precious opportunity to prepare for a more efficient future. While there is a general awareness of this need to ditch legacy systems and embrace future-proof technology, pivoting to these modern solutions can be a daunting and highly involved process. For this reason, partnering with the right technology provider is of paramount importance.

Enter Here™. A market leader since 2010, we have established ourselves as a widely recognized, well-resourced firm on the cutting edge of web technology, with a mission to remedy desktop workflow inefficiencies. We’re tuned into the fact that many of our clients face stringent security and regulatory requirements, so we built our flexible software architecture to be adaptable to any challenge and accord with industry standards, effectively solving for the risk of future web standard shifts.

For firms working on their internal cloud strategy, Here™ serves as the ideal mechanism for migrating application stacks to HTML5. Our technology is 100% secure by default, with additional security mechanisms so desktop owners can retain positive security control over their desktops while granting specific, trusted, apps more capabilities. This contrasts with other products in the market, which tend to be thin wrappers around the Electron open-source project, originally designed to support unfettered access to local file systems and other resources on the desktop.

One of our most important priorities from a security standpoint is keeping up with the evolution of modern web threats, which are outside of our direct sphere of control. We are the only desktop environment that stays co-stable with Chromium and provides a strict SLA around zero-day patches—both crucial endeavors thanks to Google’s strong security posture. These attributes, combined with our easy deployment and upgrade processes, mean our clients benefit from consistent updates that are seamless and server-driven.

Additionally, Here™ Enterprise Browser provides users with a true multi-tenant, web-first environment in which the desktop is protected from the applications that are running and each application operates in isolation from the others. Nimble in an ever-evolving technology landscape, our products are built from the ground up to have a security architecture identical to modern browsers, giving us—and our clients—a competitive edge.

Our battle-tested tools accelerate even the most intricate migration and integration processes and have a proven track record of expediting modernization efforts. Our global industry footprint and a loyal client roster of innovative firms are testaments to our near-infinite number of use cases, ranging from embedding web technologies into current applications to easily creating a new web facade for existing logic. We continually evolve our offerings through close collaboration and a tight feedback loop with our clients, ensuring that product enhancements built for specific clients are able to be leveraged by the entire Here™ community.

While there’s no telling what developments are lurking around the corner, it’s a certainty that the pressure to innovate will only increase. Therefore, it’s imperative that financial services firms stop pouring time and money into implementing solutions today that may lead to vulnerabilities tomorrow. The time is now: to stay ahead of the curve, firms must invest in solutions that are built for the long term—especially ones that are dependable, leading-edge and accelerate workflows in the day-to-day.

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