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Unlock the power of Microsoft 365 with Here™ Enterprise Browser

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On today’s fragmented desktop, empowering users with intuitive experiences that minimize context switching and safeguard user productivity is key. However, faced with the complexity of the build and the cost of maintaining in-house development teams, firms find themselves unable to stand up efficient workflows quickly, economically and responsively.

Integrate in Minutes.

Today, we’re excited to announce the launch of the Here™ Enterprise Browser Microsoft 365 integration. We took care of the granular integration work, so that platform providers can easily integrate with Microsoft 365 in minutes.

Once Microsoft 365 is integrated, it will be instantly available on the users desktop through, our Deep Search tool. Simply select Microsoft 365 within Search and start your workflow! End users can look up contacts, Teams groups, quickly initiate calls, chats, emails and execute keyword searches for content across all Microsoft 365 apps.

With the ability to quickly consume and deliver pre-baked workflows, Enterprises are spared the burden of extensive maintenance work and can be more responsive to client requests. And end users, get a superior experience, facilitating rapid adoption, higher productivity and increased ROI on technology spend.

This low-code integration enables customers to realize value in hours, not weeks. It doesn’t take long for users to see and understand the value of being able to access every aspect of Microsoft 365 directly from Here™. The initial feedback we’ve received from longtime clients and beta testers (including some of the largest banks in the US) has been overwhelmingly positive. Microsoft 365 is amongst one of our first low-code integrations available for Here™. We have plans to expand beyond Microsoft 365 and deliver further out-of-the-box integrations.

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