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The Browser for Work

Everything works right hereā„¢

A unified space for work that maximizes productivity and delivers exceptional employee experiences.

The apps you need. At a glance.

Compose multiple apps into seamless Supertabs so your teams can see everything they need for any activity, all within a familiar browser interface. No more toggling and tab overload.

Smooth your workflow

In Hereā„¢, your apps can talk to one another using Signals to share context and drive workflow. No need to lose time rekeying the same information in multiple apps and searching for the app you need to use next.

Search everything, all at once.

Deep Search inside all your apps through one simple interface. Use quick actions in search results to save time and drive your workflow.

Centralize your notifications

In Hereā„¢, notifications drive productivity in all the ways native notification centers fall short. Sort, group, filter, search and make your notifications actionable to calm your work day chaos.

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