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Enterprise Security

Protect your apps and data

Built on Google Chromium, Hereā„¢ provides a unique and robust zero-trust security architecture that is trusted by large enterprises, including more than 20 of the largest global banks.

Central administration across your enterprise

Hereā„¢ makes it easy for your authorized administrators to centrally manage access and controls. Admins can manage users, authorize apps, set fine-grained DLP permissions, manage app entitlements and more.

Access is always authenticated, authorized and audited

Only authenticated users can run Hereā„¢ and only apps and websites specifically permissioned by admins can run within the environment. All activity for both users and admins is fully audited to provide visibility and ensure compliance.

Smart controls to prevent data loss

Admins determine on a per app basis whether or not users can download, copy-paste, screen capture and screen share.

Control network traffic with app firewalls

Hereā„¢ enables per app control of network traffic for both internal and 3rd party apps. Implement security policies to ensure that apps communicate only with servers you trust.

Built on Chromium security

Built on Google Chromium, Here Enterprise Browser maintains the fidelity of Chromium sandboxing and is kept up-to-date with Chromium to protect against the latest known vulnerabilities. The Hereā„¢ Security-SLA includes emergency patches for zero-day events.

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