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Financial Services

The enterprise browser for finance

Here™ Enterprise Browser is the product of years of collaboration with the world’s largest banks, top asset managers and leading financial services platforms.

Boost productivity across divisions

Whether in global markets, investment banking, asset management, wealth management or other divisions within banks and buy-side firms, Here™ boosts productivity, streamlines workflow and improves employee experience.

Dynamic client interaction

Client relationships are at the heart of financial services. For salespeople, bankers, wealth advisors and other customer-facing employees, Here™ Enterprise Browser unifies all the apps needed to have high quality conversations and provide excellent customer service.

Find and assess information faster

Every second matters when you’re making a trading decision, settling a trade, closing a deal or performing any number of other activities. With a single search interface across all your apps, Here™ brings all the information from multiple different systems into one view; saving time and putting the information your teams need at their fingertips.

Reduce operational risk

How much time do traders, operations staff and other financial professionals spend manually inputting information from one app to another, losing time and risking errors?

With Here™, data flows seamlessly and securely between the apps you’re using, eliminating the need for rekeying and reducing your operational risk.

Plug-and-play interoperability with FDC3

To make interoperability plug-and-play, your financial apps need to speak the same language. That’s why we created the FDC3 interoperability standard which has been widely embraced across the financial industry. With FDC3 in Here™, your internal apps and vendor apps can instantly share context and workflow without the need for bespoke integration.

Security for Finance

Designed to meet the rigorous security standards of the financial industry, our zero-trust security architecture is trusted by more than 50 of the world's leading banks and asset managers.

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