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Empowering government Workers, Across Every Mission

Hereā„¢ is the enterprise browser that can transform how government employees work at every level ā€“ from front-line service providers to national security analysts. Backed by In-Q-Tel, a strategic investor for the U.S. national security community and its allies, Hereā„¢ delivers a unified, efficient digital workspace that streamlines workflows, enhances decision-making, and accelerates mission delivery across the entire government spectrum.

Empower Your Workforce, Accelerate Mission Delivery

Hereā„¢ is the enterprise browser designed for the unique demands of government work. We boost productivity by streamlining workflows, consolidating information access, and eliminating time-consuming app switching. Empower your teams to focus on mission-critical tasks, not navigating digital clutter.

Seamlessly Connect Disparate Systems & Data Sources

Modernize your digital workspace with Hereā„¢. Our intuitive interface breaks down information silos, enabling swift access to the right data across fragmented systems. Accelerate application review processes, enhance decision-making, and improve citizen services with a unified, efficient workspace.

Reduce Operational Risk, Ensure Data Integrity

Protect sensitive information and reduce the risk of errors with Hereā„¢. Our platform minimizes the need for manual data transfer, reducing the potential for costly mistakes. We provide a secure foundation for handling critical government data, from citizen records to national security information.

Backed by Innovation

Hereā„¢ is ready to serve the most demanding government agencies. We are backed by In-Q-Tel, a strategic investor dedicated to delivering cutting-edge technology solutions to the U.S. national security community and its allies. Partner with Hereā„¢ to drive digital transformation and exceed your mission objectives.

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