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Here™ is workflow harmony

Seamless, powerful enterprise app interoperability. In Here™, your apps can talk to one another with Signals to drive workflow, increase productivity and reduce operational risk.

Work efficiently in context

When you’re working on a task, Here™ Signals let your apps automatically share their context with one another so they’re always on the same page. No need to lose time and make mistakes rekeying the same information into every app. No more copy-paste.

All your apps in the flow

In Here™, your apps can use Signals to tell each other to do things so that you don’t have to. Calling a customer with your click-to-dial app? Use a Signal to automatically launch your customer dashboard in Salesforce so you have the information you need at your fingertips.

Your productivity apps connected

Here™ comes with integrations to industry-leading productivity apps you’re already using so they can work better together. Searched for a client in Salesforce? Launch a call in Microsoft Teams with one click. Connect your tools and speed workflow with app interoperability.

Native apps in the flow

Web apps are great, but your workspace has native apps that don’t run in-browser. In Here™, even your native apps can be in the conversation, using Signals to share context and workflow.

Your sensitive data protected

Let your data flow, but stop it from going where it shouldn’t go. Administrators can centrally define rules to prevent data loss and enforce compliance rules when sharing data between apps.

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