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Notification Center

Notifications on another level

Here™ comes with its own notification center which puts all your alerts in one place and does for productivity all the things the Windows and Mac notification centers don’t do. Search, sort, group, filter, snooze, customize, personalize, action without toggling, and more.

Manage notifications with ease

Here™ Notification Center provides an intuitive interface to dramatically simplify management of notifications. Triage notifications by priority, mute what you don’t need, snooze for later, and many more features so you can stay on top of your work with ease.

Rich notification templates

In Here™, you can create very rich notifications including images, charts, tables and other formatted content for the best user experience.

From notification to action

Notifications can include multiple actions to drive workflow and speed productivity. Your team member requested time off? Approve it in the notification with a single click without having to toggle to the app.

Take input without toggling

Here™ notifications even let you provide data fields and forms to take user input directly in the notification. File a call report, close out a trouble ticket, fill out an order form and much more right here without having to toggle to find the right app.

Multiple centers for power users

For power users, especially those with multi-monitor setups, Here™ lets you run multiple desktop notification centers. Each can filter for just the notifications you want to see and be placed wherever you want on a monitor.

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