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No more toggling

Supertabs let you organize and combine browser and application tabs with powerful layout and interoperability capabilities.

Get your apps on the same page

In Here™, you can create Supertabs composed of multiple apps so you can see all the information you need without toggling. Whether it’s side-by-side or a complex layout, you have full control.

Get your apps talking

Within a Supertab, all your apps can share context to supercharge your productivity. Focused on a particular client? Your apps can update automatically to show you information for that client. No more copy-paste.

Speed up onboarding and drive best practices

Supertabs are created and made available by Admins at an organization level to speed up onboarding and promote best practices.

Sharing is caring

As a user, you can create and personalize Supertabs for your individual needs. You can even share Supertabs with your colleagues to get them moving as fast as you.

Always pick up where you left off

Spend time reconfiguring your workspace each day or week? In Here™, the configuration of your Supertabs save automatically. Your entire setup will launch on start.

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