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Stop Toggling, Start Working: How Here™ Enterprise Browser Boosts Productivity

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Traditional browsers were designed for browsing, not work

Traditional browsers, like Microsoft Edge and Google Chrome, were never designed for work. Enterprise use of these platforms leads to productivity issues like "tab overload" and the "toggle tax." A recent Harvard Business Review study found that knowledge workers switched back and forth between different apps on their desktops 1,200 times a day on average. This adds up to four hours a week spent reorienting themselves after toggling—in context, 9% of their workday. Whether it’s a matter of too many tabs or the constant need to toggle between them, the traditional browser interface is not just a poor employee experience – it’s a productivity killer.

Productivity challenges in modern enterprise browsers

For enterprises, security is important, but so too is productivity. New enterprise browsers entering the market are focused on solving the security problem and ignore productivity almost entirely. They promise to provide the same great browser experience that users have come to expect – but those experiences aren’t always great for knowledge workers. While these browsers address important security concerns, such as authentication, data loss prevention (DLP), and compliance, they fail to tackle productivity killers like constant toggling between tabs, inefficient search functionalities, and under-utilization of enterprise applications.

Meet Here™ Enterprise Browser for productivity

Here™ is the only enterprise browser that combines strong security with unparalleled productivity to deliver an optimal solution for knowledge workers.

Built on Google Chromium’s best-in-class security architecture, Here™ Enterprise browser includes unified search capabilities, an actionable notification center and an interoperable work environment where apps can share information with one another, radically streamlining workflows. Supported by our new Supertabs interface, enterprises of all descriptions can accelerate productivity and increase employee happiness while enjoying the same strong security protections of other enterprise browsers.

Here™ is your organization's path to a more productive workday.

Key features

  • Enterprise Security: Here™ Enterprise Browser is built on top of Google Chromium’s best-in-class security architecture.
  • Supertabs: Composed of multiple tabs that share data between individual apps and can be arranged and viewed side-by-side, so users can see all the information they need at a glance to perform key tasks.
  • Interoperability: Apps running within the same Supertab can automatically share context with one another, eliminating the need for the end user to rekey the same information into every app.
  • Deep Search: Users can search inside all their apps through one interface. The search results can include action buttons, allowing users to drive workflow with a single click.
  • Notification Center: The intuitive interface lets users triage notifications by priority, mute unneeded notifications and snooze others for later. Users can also search, sort, group, and filter to view and manage notifications.

Learn how Here™ Enterprise Browser simplifies workflows by reducing the need to switch between tabs, making searches more efficient, and providing apps and data exactly when and where users need them. This significantly improves employee and customer experience and, by extension, employee and customer retention.

Download “The Browser for Work” white paper today.

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